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Driving Education Class

Defensive Driving Course

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Driving Education Class | Greater Tulsa Driving School

The unique thing about being a teenager is that everyone thinks they can do pretty much everything..

Defensive Driving Course | Greater Tulsa Driving School

It’s hard to understate the value of a defensive driving course. After all, the best way to stay safe out on the..

Private Driving Lesson | Greater Tulsa Driving School

Some new drivers luck out with parents who are completely fine with teaching them how to drive..

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Private Driver Education is Our Specialty for Tulsa Drivers

It’s no secret that the leading cause of young people is dangerous automobile accidents that can typically be prevented through a combination of safe driving and adequate education. While we understand that most parents take pride in helping their children conquer this rite of passage, we’re more convinced that today’s newest drivers require a private education given to them by professionals in the industry. We pair our history of success on behalf of Tulsa drivers with relaxing, stress-free instruction that is highly effective and more consistent than most parents can offer. Best of all, it removes the stress of riding in the passenger seat from most parents’ evening agendas.

Well-Rounded Classes Create Safe, Well-Rounded Drivers

There’s no such thing as a perfect driver, or even a perfect instructor, but there are certainly ways to ensure that students are learning the skills required to remain safe in all kinds of traffic. The hallmark of the Greater Tulsa Driving School is a commitment to lessons that emphasize keeping attention on the road, driving in a defensive manner, and looking out for other drivers at all times. We make sure that drivers understand road signs, penalties, best practices, and a full range of other skills before they take their driver examination and receive their first license.

Good for Long-Term Insurance Affordability

Younger drivers pay the single highest insurance premium in the United States, and that’s because they’re exponentially more likely to get into an accident than their older peers. While there are plenty of ways to reduce this financial burden, including through good grades and student discounts, those drivers who have taken a driver’s education course are entitled to far lower rates than those who opted to learn from their parents or other relatives.

This is because insurance companies understand the quality of programs like the one offered at Greater Tulsa Driving School, and they know that drivers who take such a course are less likely to get into a serious accident than those who do not.